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Caring for an individual with a disability is demanding. You sacrifice time and energy to ensure their needs are met. Often, there is little time left for yourself. This can take a toll on your mental and physical health. As a human being, you must take care of your needs as well. That is why you should consider NDIS disability support services.

These are provided by the NDIS to help people with disabilities. There are varying levels of support, each designed for specific cases. A person can access different services depending on their condition. Platinum Disability Services is one of the leading NDIS registered providers near Lynbrook. We are here to guide you through the process of enrolment or plan development.

Our mission is to empower our participants to live as independently as possible. To achieve this, we’ll create a strategy that aligns with your goals. First, a consultation takes place where your goals and needs are identified. Then, services that complement these requirements are shortlisted. As an NDIS support coordination provider, it is our job to integrate them seamlessly.

After approval and implementation, our team will track your progress. Based on your response, we’ll recommend modifications. Certain services may be dropped or new ones may be added to deliver the best possible outcomes.


Get Personalised Disability Support Services

Everyone has different needs. NDIS participants are no different. Two individuals may have the same support in their plans, but distinct goals. For instance, they can both access life skills development. However, one may use it to learn meal prep and cooking. The other opts to improve communication skills. Hence, personalised disability care services are indispensable.

Adapting a particular service to suit your needs yields multiple benefits. You no longer struggle to find the right provider. Instead, you receive aid that matches your requirements. This empowers you to make the best of opportunities. The participant is free to engage in different pursuits without worrying.

Our client-centric approach makes provisions for customisation. We collaborate with you and your family to understand your choices. It goes a long way in building genuine relationships with our clients. Whether it is NDIS plan management, Travel and Transport Assistance or NDIS support coordination, we’ll make the necessary changes. You can rely on us to accommodate all your wishes.

Explore Our NDIS Services in Lynbrook

You can choose from a wide range of supports. Platinum Disability Services has the experience and manpower to offer consistent services. With our commitment to quality and professionalism, you can trust us to provide consistent and reliable services that meet the highest standards. Here’s what we provide:

NDIS Plan Management

A plan manager for NDIS takes care of the financial aspects. Their primary duty involves making payments, processing invoices and budget management. They are also qualified to offer financial advice and NDIS funding reports. Additionally, other administrative tasks can be assigned to them as well. Overall, they’re responsible for the proper use of the participant’s funds.

Innovative Community Participation

Participating in community events improves the character and social skills. You meet people and have the opportunity to learn new things. Various activities like sports, art, music, dance, cooking and volunteering are available. It imparts valuable life lessons that come in handy later.

NDIS Support Coordination

To get the desired results, you need an expert support coordinator. These professionals work with you to understand your condition and vision. If you have any doubts or concerns about a service, they can help. Their advice is invaluable in building a strategy that benefits you most.

Group/Centre Activities

The NDIS also funds group activities in designated centres. These provide a safe, inclusive environment where participants can hone their skills. You can pursue your interests or hobbies comfortably. Individuals can also participate in gatherings where they can share experiences. This ultimately boosts self-confidence and resilience.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Depending on the level of disability, you may require constant attention. If you can’t do without some form of support, you need Supported Independent Living. The arrangement also includes overnight stays. As such, you receive the care you need at all times.

Household Tasks

Maintaining an independent lifestyle involves various household chores, from washing dishes to cleaning rooms and doing laundry. A person with a disability needs assistance to complete these chores. Hence, support with household work is provided by the NDIS. Participants can relax and focus on other things while our team does the needful.

Your Local NDIS Support Provider in Lynbrook

The role of a registered NDIS service provider is all-encompassing. Support must be arranged and its implementation looked after. Additionally, they must be flexible enough to accommodate any request. If you seek such a provider in or around Lynbrook, consider Platinum Disability Services. We are experienced in delivering impactful assistance when needed.

You can expect:

  • Compassionate and respectful staff

  • Dignified services

  • Transparent communication
  • A wide range of services

  • Client-centric approach

For more information about SIL NDIS, travel assistance or any other support, get in touch with us. You can call us on 1300 951 577 or drop us an email at platinumdsp2@gmail.com. Alternatively, you can pay us a visit at 89 Marriott Blvd. Lyndhurst Vic 3975.

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    Can I access the NDIS?

    You need to meet the following requirements:

    • Have a permanent and significant disability that affects your ability to take part in everyday activities
    • Be aged less than 65 when you first access the scheme
    • Be an Australian citizen, a permanent resident who holds a Protected Special Category Visa
    • Live in an area where the NDIS is available.