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The NDIS is a support program for people with disabilities. It is a government scheme that funds disability care services for eligible participants. The idea is to improve their quality of life through greater independence. To achieve this, individuals are connected with doctors, health workers and support groups.

If you’re eligible for NDIS, you’ll need a service provider. Platinum Disability Services is an NDIS registered provider that works with participants in Clyde. We’ll create a plan depending on your disability level and needs. Our team has the expertise and qualifications to handle both cases.

For first-time beneficiaries, the NDIS is a complex maze. Knowing where, how and what to do is confusing. We also act as an NDIS support coordination provider to manage these situations. You’ll be informed of the various services and how to access them. This ensures that you receive relevant support at all times. Together, we’ll work towards improving your condition.


Empowering Lives: Explore Our Disability Support Services

NDIS clients require various support types. Some services extend physical aid, like travel or daily task assistance. Others influence emotional and mental well-being. These are included in the plan based on the person’s needs. Irrespective of the circumstances, our disability support services are designed to fit seamlessly. Participants may have a set routine they follow. We don’t want our assistance to disturb their schedule. After all, we want to improve their lives; not upend it.

Living should not feel like a chore. Rather, it should be an opportunity for you to try new things. Our services encourage all this. However, for the chores, leave it to us; we’ll handle the cleaning, cooking, washing and other tasks. This frees you to learn different skills, explore interests, and follow your aspirations.

NDIS plan management and NDIS support coordination are two important services we offer. They play a key role in ensuring the success of your plan. Plan managers will look after funding and your finances. You’ll receive reports as well as assistance with budgeting. Likewise, coordinators will manage plan implementation. They’ll review and make modifications when necessary.

Integrating all these requires experience. A coherent strategy determines the program’s effectiveness. Hence, our team leaves no stone unturned to make this a possibility. We aim to present a well-balanced plan. Rest assured, you’ll be in great hands.

Our NDIS Disability Care Services

Support services are the backbone of any NDIS plan. As a registered NDIS service provider, Platinum Disability Services offers personalised solutions. These include:

NDIS Plan Management

A NDIS plan manager looks after your finances. They ensure that funds are used appropriately. Their responsibility also includes handling other financial-related matters. As such, you’ll continue to receive the right support.

Household Tasks

We offer alternative arrangements for household work. Our team will manage the activities required to maintain a comfortable living environment. They’ll vacuum and tidy up the rooms. Laundry will be done as well. You’ll have clean, ironed clothes ready in your closet. Cooking, grocery shopping, minor repairs and outdoor maintenance are provided too.

NDIS Support Coordination

Proper coordination delivers flawless results. We have support coordinators who connect you to service providers. They’ll also help you understand the plan and what each support offers. This enables you to make an informed decision. Their assistance is valuable when creating or reviewing plans. You’re able to modify any service to align with your goals.

Innovative Community Participation

Socialising has numerous benefits for people with disabilities. It boosts self-confidence and teaches them valuable skills. They learn to interact with others and build relationships. This is handy when dealing with challenges. It creates safe spaces where they can express themselves freely.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

An individual who requires continuous care will benefit from this support. Generally, such participants need varying levels of assistance throughout the day or night. Our Supported Independent Living is available for such cases.

Group/Centre Activities

Participants can sign up for various activities as part of a group. These will be held in designated centres. The controlled setting encourages individuals to open up and enjoy themselves. All sorts of activities are available. This covers everything from leisurely pursuits to skill workshops to support groups.

Why Choose Us As Your NDIS Support Provider in Clyde?

The support provider has a huge say in the quality of services you receive. Hence, choosing the right company is important. That is why many individuals opt for Platinum Disability Services as their NDIS registered provider in and around Clyde. We are known for delivering personalised support. You’ll receive services that tick all your checkboxes. Other than physical assistance, we also offer help with planning and coordination.

So, if you’re looking for SIL NDIS or daily task support, contact our team today. You can call us on 1300 951 577 or email us at platinumdsp2@gmail.com. We can discuss your case one-on-one as well. Our office is at 89 Marriott Blvd. Lyndhurst Vic 3975.

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    Can I access the NDIS?

    You need to meet the following requirements:

    • Have a permanent and significant disability that affects your ability to take part in everyday activities
    • Be aged less than 65 when you first access the scheme
    • Be an Australian citizen, a permanent resident who holds a Protected Special Category Visa
    • Live in an area where the NDIS is available.